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We want an agency for their unique outlook, but we also want a team member for their dedication. With Wayfunction, we get the best of both worlds, and they're incredibly responsive.

Ken Anketell

Ken Anketell

Tech Investor

Advisory Network

Accelerator Toolkit

Accelerator Stages

Stage 1: Vision

Build upon a strong timeless vision

“To be the pulse of the planet.”

A vision is the foundation for your success. It enables you to set goals. For each goal (for example, getting to 10,000 users) you determine the strategy for success. A strategy is made up of tactics. And tactics are made up of the activities that will make it all happen.

We help nail down your longterm thinking and to communicate your vision. As Michael Porter wrote in What is Strategy, “Overall advantage or disadvantage results from all a company’s activities, not only a few.” A vision enables you to choose effective activities.

Example Deliverables

  • Market research report
  • Vision statement
  • Course correct roadmap

Market Research Report

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Vision & Mission Statements

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Stage 2: Communication & Design

Communicate succinctly

“Succinct doesn’t mean short. It means a high ratio of ideas to words.”

Y Combinator interviews applicants for only 10 minutes. And most VCs decide whether or not to invest within the first few minutes. This means you need to get down to business and that you need to over communicate with incredible clarity.

We help you hone your message. And we put together the assets you’ll need to communicate to employees, potential investors, and shareholders.

Example Deliverables

  • Pitch deck
  • Culture deck
  • User segmentation report

Pitch Deck

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Culture Deck

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Teaser Video

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Design for conversions

“Conversion = Desire (Increase this) - Labor (Decrease this) - Confusion (Decrease this)”

The one thing that all high-converting sites or apps have in common is a clear value proposition. The value proposition is what makes your offer attractive to customers. To further increase conversions then decrease distractions (laser focus on one or a few goals) and decrease anxiety (site or app elements that create uncertainty).

We help you generate your value props. Then we analyze your site (landing pages), marketing assets, and your app. Ultimately generating a report to increase conversions.

Example Deliverables

  • Value prop report
  • High-conversion copy
  • Landing page variations
  • App optimization report

Landing Pages

View Examples: 1, 2, 3

App Optimization Report

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Stage 3: Product Market Tests

Get to product market fit

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”

The goal is to make something people love. That they find so useful that they tell other people about it. It’s difficult if not impossible to achieve this out of the gate and with a large market. So find a narrow market. And release fast and often. Once you achieve product market fit then invest in growth.

We help you get early adopters. And we setup the necessary tracking so we have the insight to figure out what is working and what isn’t.

Example Deliverables

  • Web analytics
  • App analytics
  • User & market testing report
Stage 4: Growth

We run your marketing tech so you can grow.

Wayfunction delivers copy that converts, unlimited design & development bandwidth, and unbeatable service.

For companies that want to grow incredibly fast and have the budget to do so, we recommend combining Wayfunction and Bell Curve. Bell Curve is a growth agency that runs ads for a dozen Y Combinator SaaS and ecommerce startups. They deliver consistently and at scale.

Wayfunction is an extension of our team. They know our company and they care as much as we do.

John Good

John Good

Candor Cofounder