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Our team of engineers and writers create and run your SEO strategy.

What We Offer

  • Strategy


    Our engineers analyze your domain’s strength, your existing blog, and your competition’s blogs to determine which keywords to go after and in what order.

  • Search Intent

    Search Intent

    For any given keyword, our engineers audit the competition’s content, figure out why someone used that specific keyword, and determine the topics the article should include so that it’s most likely to rank.

  • Writing


    We train our writers on your blog and then those writers only write for your blog. And we either define your brand’s voice or onboard to your existing style. The result is content that people like to read and that Google consistently ranks at the top.

  • Link Building

    Link Building

    We find authoritative blogs that write abut topics that relate to your business. Then we run cold email outreach campaigns to contact, negotiate and secure powerful links.

  • Site Speed

    Site Speed

    We maximize the speed of your blog (expect your blog to load in less than one second). And we bring your Google PageSpeed scores up near 100 on both desktop and mobile.

  • Wayfx SEO Pros

    • Site speed optimization
    • Competitor analysis
    • Keyword strategy
    • Search intent analysis
    • Writing
    • Promotion and link building
    • Blog UI/UX
    • Technical SEO
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    I’m JD. I’ve been doing SEO and building websites since 2005. And I’m one of the many talented people at Wayfx. I look forward to hearing from you.

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