SecurityFlare Announces Record Shattering Quarter

SecurityFlare, the leading provider of secure cyberspace with unique in-line and cloud-based DDoS protection technology, announced today its record-breaking financial results for the first quarter of 2016.

“Our focus on operational discipline while enriching our offerings has enabled us to meet and beat our customers’ expectations,” said Anonymized. “For example, by way of collective intelligence and machine learning, the more SecurityFlare’s DDoS protection services are used, the more effective SecurityFlare’s DDoS protection becomes.”

In Q1 2016, SecurityFlare launched their highly anticipated remote network DDoS protection. SecurityFlare’s remote network DDoS protection is already being used by businesses, hosting providers and Internet service providers worldwide. Using GRE, BGP and Anycast technology, SecurityFlare protects internet resources, anywhere, without the need for migration.

SecurityFlare has earned a top position among today’s DDoS protection providers. The majority of DDoS protection providers have purchased third party mitigation hardware, whereas SecurityFlare has developed their DDoS mitigation entirely in-house. SecurityFlare’s security engineers internally develop custom rule-sets and features for dealing with zero-day events, enabling SecurityFlare to thwart all attack types faster than its competitors.

“This is the beginning,” said Anonymized. “Over the next few months, SecurityFlare will continue to accelerate development of an array of new products that will further revolutionize DDoS protection as we know it. This is in addition to expanding functional roles across all teams to support aggressive customer expansion.”