Introducing wayf(x) – The Digital Growth Experts

We’re an idealistic group of creative, talented and experienced pros, who believe that startups and growing companies are engines that change the world for the better. Our goal is to help those with promising ideas and products realize their full potential and achieve their dreams.

We’ve been working hand-in-hand with select organizations to jump-start and fuel their growth. We’ve located and locked down funding, recruited staff, launched and marketed products and services, built brands, and drastically improved revenue and ROI.

Now, we’re making our digital marketing and organizational skills available to companies like yours.

The wayf(x) Approach

Years of experience with our own companies and with our clients have shown us that a primary obstacle to success is friction.

Friction between team members can sidetrack effective research and development efforts, prevent sufficient capital acquisition, delay product launches and hinder growth.

There can be friction between companies and their customers, too. Anything that prevents users from obtaining the benefits they believe they’ll be receiving creates friction, and must be minimized or eliminated. Those issues can involve anything from initial product design and production to proper marketing and customer service.

The experienced wayf(x) team works closely with clients to find and fix all of these friction points. We can help develop a guide to organizational culture, prepare business plans and financial pitches, create a product prototype (or MVP) or mock up a user interface, design or perfect strategies for roll-outs or marketing, build a dominant online presence – anything and everything that ensures smooth funding and product launches, and ongoing company operations and marketing.

wayf(x) has the knowledge and experience to put your company on the runway to success and make sure it keeps soaring after takeoff.

wayf(x) Success Stories

Our work with existing clients provides a window into some of the services we can provide for your organization. Here are two examples.

Candor is a national health insurance exchange. The company’s existing culture and its focus on providing lower insurance costs and better access for clients were a perfect match with wayf(x)’s strengths and values. Candor turned to us for assistance with its launch and rollout, and we formed a continuing partnership to develop and execute strategies for rapid growth. Wayf(x) still provides Candor with complete online marketing support and development services, including asset creation, brand promotion, and search engine optimization.

Noble is a startup which had developed a revolutionary new method of providing merchant financial services. The company brought wayf(x) on board to assist in the initial stages of product creation and launch. We were able to create a stunning digital prototype of the service for Noble and made preparations for the firm’s Series AA financing. Our prototype became the backbone of the launch product, and we oversaw the raising of nearly half-a-million dollars in initial funding.

wayf(x) Can Work With You

Most startups and rapidly-growing organizations don’t have the staff or expertise required to properly perform all of the functions required for success and rapid growth.

We’d love to speak with you about the ways we can help your organization.