Noble Announces Partnership with Casio

Casio America, Inc has partnered with Noble Payment Technologies, LLC, an innovative provider of payment processing, to enhance its comprehensive solutions for small business retailers. Casio and Noble developed software that can be loaded into Casio’s V-R100 the first Android-based electronic cash register to be introduced exclusively at the point of sale and used as a breakthrough payment solution.

Noble’s first-of-its-kind solution calculates in real time the cost of using a given card, then creates incentives, such as discounts and rewards, for the customer to choose a lower-cost form of payment. Noble’s solution is easy to integrate for retailers and can lower their transaction costs even to zero.

“Noble’s partnership with Casio offers an elegant solution both for businesses that shoulder the burden of high transaction costs and for businesses that want to have customers pay a fee for payment processing,” said Patrick Albright, CEO of Noble. “We’re confident that, just as Noble and Casio do, retailers of all sizes will regard the combination of our technology and Casio’s V-R100 as truly path-breaking.”

Casio’s V-R100 is equipped with a 10.4” adjustable color touch screen, an attached high-speed thermal printer, Ethernet port, serial ports and a built-in swivel 2X20 customer display. The V-R100’s open platform enables terminals to leverage a variety of software applications including this new one, which has been designed to fit a variety of businesses.

“At Casio, we aim to provide our customers with comprehensive point-of-sale solutions that not only drive efficiency but also streamline costs,” said Lawrence Sampey, General Manager, Systems Products Division, Casio America, Inc. “Our partnership with Noble Payment Technologies is a testament to that goal and we look forward to strengthening our relationship to provide the best of the best software for the V-R100.”